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My Ecodial L - FAQ's

My Ecodial L, Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to download the latest version of My Ecodial L for free?

The best way to get My Ecodial L is to get in contact with your local Schneider-Electric sales agency.

I didn't find any UPS system in Ecodial L?

My Ecodial doesn't build in UPS systems.

How many transformers in parallel can I put into Ecodial L?

Up to 4 transformers can be parallel-connected.

How can I change the current language in My Ecodial L?

Before starting My Ecodial L 3.4: go to "Start" / All programs / Schneider Electric/My Ecodial L 3.4/ languages choice - then click on the right language and start My Ecodial L 3.4.

How can I resize the bus bar in My Ecodial L?

Click on the bus bar, its becomes blue and dotted line, then click on the icon "Resize X and Y for the selection" (2 arrows and a black square under menus), two black squares appear at each end of the bus bars; pull on it to size the bar to the scale you would like.

For the same apparent Power Sr, the nominal current of the transformer and the generator have a difference in value

This difference is due to the fact that the nominal current of the transformer is calculated by using the voltage at no-load and the nominal current of the generator is calculated by using the rated voltage. The use of the voltage at no-load is proved by the IEC 60076-1 standard.

How can I create 4 sections/drawing sheets at one time?

Click on Menu Parameters / Diagram / Sheet model then click on the Number of sheets zone.

How can I transfer the schematics and drawings from Ecodial to Autocad?

This can be done by exporting your diagram into a .dxf file. Do this by selecting from the menu: File > Print/Export. Then in the Print/Export window click on "Export" folder. Then save as a DXF file.


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