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Electrical design software

Schneider Electric CAD Library on line

CAD Library on lineelectrical designCAD library on line application that provides comprehensive libraries of Schneider Electric products content and symbols, enabling users to easily create standards-based designs that comply with industry requirements.

Electrical distribution preliminary design

Electrical design software (ID-Spec)electrical designYou are:
ID SpecDesigner of electrical installation in industrial and tertiary buildings

Electrical design softwareID-Spec allows you:
   Distributionto discuss with your customer his needs and define building's key relevant orientations i.e. single line diagram and equipment
   Preliminary design softwareto generate automatically complete formalized files for your customer which advocate and explain these choices

Electrical installation calculation software

Electrical design software (Ecodial)
electrical automation softwareMy Ecodial L
Your efficient assistant for your industrial and complex tertiary installations

Coordinate between protection devices

Electrical design software (Direct Coordination) electrical designThe Direct coordination software is a tool to define and coordinate* Schneider Electric devices.

*Coordination means discrimination (sélectivité), cascading (filiation) and enhanced discrimination (sélectivité renforcée).

Curve Direct circuit breaker protection softwareThe Curve Direct software is a tool designed to carry out a discrimination study based on protection device tripping curves.
Full compact NSX compatible !

Design software
electrical design, distribution and automation engineering software